Nature Foods. For a healthy today and a sustainable tomorrow

Who are We

Nature Foods is a food and beverage production company founded by Prof. Dr. rer. medic. Markus Masin, located in Latvia. Our goal is to combine medical and scientific knowledge with technological innovation to provide the best food options for a modern and health conscious consumer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality plant-based food products that are nutritious, tasty and made in an environmentally sustainable way.

We Believe

We believe dairy free, plant-based food products that are grown and produced in an environmentally sustainable way are the future of the global food market. We are here to help our customers to take a step towards that future.

How did it all start?

Our history in brief

Nature Foods might be a new company, but our team has a vast knowledge in nutrition and food science. Company’s founder Markus Masin decided to become a doctor more than 20 years ago, following the steps of his grandfather and mother who both, also, were medics. For many years he has worked in a clinic for nutrition and diabetology. Prof. Dr. Masin has treated thousands and thousands of patients, and we are proud to say that he still keeps working both as a doctor and as a professor at an university.

He has been working in Advisory and Treatment for the Center for Clinical Nutrition and Diabetology in the University Hospital Münster for more than two decades. Professor Masin has also worked as Director of the German Charity against Malnutrition. Right now he is an associated researcher at the University “UMIT” in Austria as well as former lectured future doctors at the Riga Stradiņš University in Latvia. His fields of major scientific research interest are:

  • Parenteral and enteral Nutrition
  • Catheter for the use of parenteral nutrition
  • Short bowel Syndrome
  • Nutrition in Oncology
  • Diabetes care
  • Energy expenditure and metabolic balance studies
  • and Obesity

Dr. Markus Masin has always been trying to find innovative treatments, new solutions and better ways to help his patients. Unfortunately, if patients keep lacking some of the essential nutrients in their diet after the treatment, the health issues can simply come back. Many of Dr. Masin’s patients have been vegans. Some of them had diabetes, and even more often they had problems with bones, had deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. That made professor Masin start thinking in the direction of vegans’ nutrition.

Vegans’ nutrition (and their food choices) are so healthy, why do they have these health problems?

Of course, it is healthy, but when following some specific diets or eliminating certain products from your meals, you have to think of many small, particular things. You have to have enough of proteins, vitamins, and micro-ingredients. Prof. Masin decided to help to find a better and easier solution of how to get these essential nutrients with food we eat everyday. He founded the company Nature Foods, where our team works together to provide healthier, more nutritional plant-based food options.

When creating a recipe for our plant-based drinks and snacks made from peas, we were looking for solutions that address these problems. Our products are filled with pea protein and other essential nutrients.

More importantly, we made sure that our products are absolutely delicious!