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Plant protein drinks

The demand for better dairy alternatives is increasing. People are looking for products that are lactose free, dairy free, non GMO, free from the main allergens, combined with a lower carbon and water footprint.

Our “Happea” protein drink provides it all!

Unlike dairy, plant based drinks do not contain residues of antibiotics or hormones which are used in animal production. Happea supplies high amounts of pea protein and many essential vitamins and minerals. But most importantly, Happea is creamy and tastes delicious! Our products don’t have a distinctive pea flavour or aroma, because it’s made of the purest plant protein. You can use it as 1 to 1 replacement for milk (in coffee, smoothies, with morning muesli and for cooking).

Yes, “Happea” is not milk, we believe it’s better.

Snacks and muesli from peas

We all know that legumes are extremely healthy, rich in protein and fibre and low in fat. Unfortunately, many of us consume too little pulses in our everyday diet. The truth to be told, it can take forever to prepare pulses! We have an easy solution how to get all the goodies from peas and stop you from craving unhealthy snacks.

Our innovative pea products are perfect snacks to fill your nutrition with plant-based protein, important vitamins and minerals.

The sweet puffs will taste just right in your morning muesli bowl and will make you feel full for a long time. Savory pea products are a perfect snack between meals, at parties and will taste great in soups or salads.